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With a decade of industry experience in art directing and styling, Lenny-Dee began her career in South Africa, and is now based in Berlin.

Obsessed with highly styled aesthetics, Lenny-Dee crafts visually stunning worlds with an eye for detail, and an ability to adapt to any creative environment. Although naturally drawn to shiny things, Lenny-Dee has fallen more in love with true-to-life aesthetics in recent years.

After her studies which focused on production and costume design, Lenny-Dee trained and worked under the top names, building a successful career setting scenes on innumerable local & international campaigns. Lenny-Dee works closely with directors to bring their unique visions to life. 

No matter the brief, Lenny-Dee creates inspiring work, and has a collaborative energy on and off set.




Reference letters & resume available on request. 


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